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Astell and Kern AK100 II 64GB Portable Audio Player

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Quick Overview : Astell and Kern AK100 II 64GB Portable Audio Player

Astell and Kern AK100 II 64GB Portable Audio Player


Put back what's been taken out and regain Original Studio recording Quality (MQS)

Don't let the fact this is Astell & Kerns 'entry level' device fool you. This is a gateway to a whole new world of ultra high definition personal audio playback, with development to maximise the best of all your music including 24bit, this is a device that will make you want to listen to your whole music catalogue all over again!


Driving anything from big headphones to small and sensitive in-ear headphones.
Revolutionise your portable music experience

Astell and Kern AK100 II 64GB Portable Audio Player

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Astell and Kern AK100 II 64GB Portable Audio Player

A New Standard
A new standard for listening to music was proposed while developing the AK100. It was recognized that certain aspects of the AK100 needed improvement during research and development for a successor. While considering how to improve the AK100, A&K realized that there was a difference between measured audio specifications and what they felt sounded good. After much deliberation, the development efforts were focused on making the AK100 2nd Generation "feel" right to theirs and our senses rather than mechanically boosting technical specs. The original AK100 was developed according to audio specification standards, but development of the next-generation AK100 was developed to the "New Standard" of how the music sounds.

We are pleased to present "A New Standard in Listening to Music" with the AK100 2nd Generation Personal Music Player.

Not only is the AK100 2nd Generation a superb High-Definition portable player, it is equally capable of acting as the UHD audio source for your home system, when coupled to matching high-quality amplifiers and speakers.

What is the Portable MQS System?
Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) is an acronym of collective lossless & high-resolution audio source formats, typically in 24-bit/44 to 192kHz of bit/sampling rates. Because MQS delivers about 6.5 times more detail than a conventional CD format (16bit/44.1kHz), listeners can enjoy a better and a more realistic sound quality.

24-bit/44 to 192kHz is the music industry norm used in the mastering process during sound production. However, the result of high resolution music files has to be compressed down to 16bit/44.1kHz so it can be stored into a single CD due to the memory storage shortcomings (~700MB). To produce the MP3 format, the high-resolution audio is compressed even further to 128 to 320kbps for the convenience of file size. These compressions remove the enormous amount of the details of the original recording because of memory storage limitations and listeners will never be able to hear the details.

The sound quality improvement between studio quality 24bit source music files and 16bit CD or MP3 quality files can be clearly heard and felt. With the encoding process in the AK100 MQS Portable System, MQS music and sounds are far more refined and pure.

MQS vs MP3
When comparing the frequency of each digital audio format, data loss is even more visible. MP3 formats can only reproduce frequencies up to 16kHz. However, WAV formats sampled in 48kHz can be reproduced up to 22kHz and higher. Frequency rates of MQS files sampled in 44 to 192kHz can be reproduced even further than the WAV format.

The AK100 2nd Generation fully supports USB DAC.

The AK100 2nd Generation also functions as an external DAC (sound card) when connected to a PC or Mac via USB. The AK100 2nd Generation's sound quality is available for stored music on any PC or Mac as it serves as a built-in sound card.


The AK100 2nd Generation fully supports USB DAC.
We realized DSD playback through a firmware upgrade for the AK100. However, only 2.8 MHz DSD was supported (88.1kHz PCM conversion/downsampling) due to hardware limitations. Now, 5.6 MHz DSD is supported via 'DSD to PCM' by utilizing a Dual Core CPU.


MQS Streaming
With the next-generation AK100, it's no longer necessary to turn on the PC, search for music, connect a device, and transfer files.

Simply connect the AK100 2nd Generation to your PC or Mac via Wi-Fi on the same network and download or stream music wirelessly.


64GB + microSD 128GB
The AK100 2nd Generation includes 64GB of internal flash storage.

With the addition of a 128GB microSD card, the AK100 2nd Generation supports up to a total memory of 192GB.

With 64GB of internal memory, the AK120 2nd Generation can store about 625 MQS (24bit/96kHz, 4 minute-long, 90MB) songs.


Totally Reworked
The new AK100 2nd Generation utilizes a 3.31" AMOLED screen, an 82% increase over the previous screen's size. Now, users have access to more on-screen information than ever before. In addition, a full touchscreen means convenient, smartphone-style control.

The Album View screen has been completely overhauled. The larger screen offers a view of six albums compared to the previous version's four, and the album art view offers intuitive search functionality.

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