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Russound AC660 8-zone multi-source multiroom audio system

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Quick Overview : Russound AC660 8-zone multi-source multiroom audio system

Russound AC660 8-zone multi-source multiroom audio system

A-BUS multi-room audio is unique in distributing audio to the target room, amplifying it at the A-K6L LCD keypad, then passing it to the loudspeaker.

Key Features

6 source inputs with zone specific access
8 Main zones off one controller
Max system expansion to 48 Zones (6 x A-C68 Controllers can be linked)
6 Stereo audio sources, line-level RCA jacks with trim potentiometers
Source Loop Outputs (6) Buffered stereo outputs, line-level RCA jacks
Preprogrammed IR library with IR learning for remote control
8 Routed and 1 common IR output
System Audio Mute Input
Slim 1U Chassis - Rack Mountable
Simple A-BUS wiring topology
Programmable via manual programming centre does not need PC/Software
Compatible with Local Input Plates (A-LC3)
Multiple keypad options: A-K4, A-K6L & A-K6L+A-KSC2

Russound AC660 8-zone multi-source multiroom audio system

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Russound AC660 8-zone multi-source multiroom audio system

A-BUS multi-room audio is unique in distributing audio to the target room, amplifying it at the A-K6L LCD keypad, then passing it to the loudspeaker. This means that you can use your existing stereo source, eg normal stack system, micro or mini hi-fi without any additional amplifying equipment in the source room.

Russound’s A-C660 A-BUS Controller Kit provides advanced multiroom audio system features in an installer friendly package by taking the A-BUS concept to the next stage.

Designed for easy installation and programming, it includes the A-C68 six-source, eight-zone multiroom controller. This is a rack-mountable chassis with an internal power supply, an onboard library of IR codes and supports IR learning. The A-C68 also features independent source gain control, source power management, sleep timer function for all zones, and all-zone “party mode”.

Systems are scalable to support up to six A-C68 controllers linked to make a 48-zone system with six sources.

The A-BUS A-SRC1 system remote is designed exclusively for the A-C68 and provides complete source control.

The AC660 Kit consits of:

Advanced A-BUS 6 Source/8 Zone Controller: A-C68
The A-C68 8 Zone controller gives you more control over the multiroom experience. With its fully adjustable Audio Controls, a party mode facility, a sleep timer function for all zones, and all-zone paging make listening to music throughout your home easier than ever.

Also the A-C68 has six source inputs with buffered, fixed-level loop outputs for passing source signals to other components, such as a home theatre receiver or another A-C68 controller. It also offers exclusive features such as independent source gain control and source power management. The onboard IR library provides control codes for thousands of source components, and supports learning new codes as well.

The A-C68 can also be used with the A-K4 if required by adjusting dip-switches on the front of the controller.

6 X A-K6L Keypads
Volume control is by the all-new A-K6L keypads, each of which delivers a more robust amplification and has an LCD panel to view the selected source, volume, bass, treble, and balance settings. An accessory A-KSC2 keypad can be combined with the A-K6L to provide direct source control.

The A-K6L includes a line-level output for connection to a subwoofer or external power amplifier. It also includes a connector for attaching an A-KSC accessory keypad for direct control of your sources.

The A-K6L has white backlighting which can be turned off if required. The display details the source name and zone volume, and the keypad's status indicator shows you when the system is on. The A-K6L keypads also include a built in IR receiver and IR confirmation, through an LED status indicator which responds to commands from remote controls and a zone specific favorite round out the main features of this keypad.

The all new A-K6L includes an All Off feature that turns all zones off. It also can turn all zones on for Party Mode.

These standard US style keypads require US style single backboxes.

1 X A-SRC,
The A-SRC1 provides remote control of the A-C68 controller and A-K6L and A-KSC2 system keypads. Besides controlling the A-BUS system, it also controls up to seven devices (six system sources and one local source).

With an extensive pre programmed library of device codes, the A-SRC1 controls a wide variety of audio and video components. It also has learning capability, allowing you to program it to control other devices.

6 X 845.1, IR Emitters.
1 X SWP1, Decora Screwless Wallplate for multiroom controllers.
With more features, more power, and more control, Russound’s new AC-660 A-BUS Multiroom Controller Kit delivers advanced multiroom features with the easy installation of A-BUS.

System Power

The system has a power rating of 8-10 Watts, which is ideal for general listening throughout your house. Ceiling speakers with matched power ratings are supplied separately and can be chosen from our in-ceiling speakers range.

If you want to have a tidy termination of the Cat 5e cable from the keypads near the central hub, you can use the HNS RJ45 data outlets either with or without the HomeCabling patch panel, and connect to the hub by a patch lead. If you use this system you must use our special T568A to T568B patch leads, because the Russound unit uses the American RJ45 colour coding but the HNS system uses the UK T568B colour coding. Price for the 1.5 metre patch lead is shown below.

Local source input

You can also add a local (room) input option with the ALC3 wall mount plate. This is ideal where your youngsters want to listen to their own mini system or personal CD player through the room speakers. It is also ideal if you want to use the stereo room speakers whilst watching TV. The ALC does not require power.

Even More power

For rooms where you need more music volume, Russound offer their D250LS in-line amplifier, generating 50 Watts per single zone (2 channel). This links to the AKP keypad and is controlled from it, using the keypad amp just as a pre-amp.

Optional Extras

A-KPSC source control keypad
A-LC3 local source input module
Installation Tip

Buy the US style back boxes for AK6L keypads early before the walls are plastered. Cut out size for the back box - 56mm wide x 95mm tall x 78mm deep

Specification of A-C68 Multizone Controller

Dimensions: 16.75”W x 10.5”D x 2.125”H, (42.5 x 26.7 x 5.4 cm)
Weight: 12.7 lbs. (5.8 kg)
Power Supply: 100 - 240VAC 50-60Hz
Fuse Rating: 100V input; T3.0A US and Canada
240V input; T1.25A Europe
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/- 0.1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.3%
Signal to Noise Ratio: 105dB A-weighted
101dB unweighted
Audio Zones/Keypad Ports: 8 RJ45 T568A standard
Audio Source Inputs: 6
Input Impedance: 60 Kohms
Max Source Audio Input: 3.5 Vrms
Trigger Output: 12VDC 100mA Max
Trigger Input: 12VDC
Specification of A-K6L Keypad

Dimensions: (7.6 x 11.4 x 6.4 cm)
Audio Input Impedance: 30 Kohms
CAT-5e Connection: RJ-45 jack, T568A standard
Controls Power: on / off, Source select (with multisource hub), Volume: up / down
Display: 5-character LCD panel with source and volume indication
Indicators: System status LED (green), IR confirmation LED (red)
IR Control: Built-in IR receiver with pass-through
Line Output: Variable line level, stereo
Max Cable Length: 150 feet (46 m)
Power Requirement(s): 24 VDC 1050 mA peak
Speaker Connection(s): Screw terminal connectors, Accept up to 16 AWG (1.5 mm) wire
Speaker Impedance: 8 ohms per chann

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